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Assist facilities and end-users of industrial refrigeration systems in meeting the needs of today's requirements. Between auditing regulatory programs, and  review of Standard Operating/Mechanical Integrity procedures for accuracy and adherence to IIAR and OEM.  We ensure regulatory compliance and  evaluate system operations. Identify opportunities for improvement in safety/complaince and mechanical integrity items for improvement.

Ice Cold Consulting offers services in:

  1. ARM Program

  2. Compliance Audits

  3. Process Safety Maintenance Audits

  4. Procedure Writing and Audits

  5. Mechanical Integrity Audits

  6. PSM Program Management

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Industrial Refrigeration Services 

Mechanical Integrity Audit

The goal of mechanical integrity is to ensure the equipment in your facility is operating properly. You need to take active steps to ensure you're in compliance with OSHA and the EPA. Failing to do so can result in hefty fees and/or employee injury or death. 

Many facilities need help in improving, developing, or implementing their mechanical integrity programs. They also may need gap analysis or assessment of their current program. Other types of organizations could need to know how to better manage their existing programs due to inferior performance.

OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(j) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.73 and IIAR 6 standards.

Compliance Audit
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Audits aren't conducted without a purpose. They usually have three primary objectives:

1. Identifying any compliance weaknesses. 

2. Uncovering, remediating, and resolving and deficiencies.

3. Ensuring that all your procedures and policies continue to meet your internal measures of control.

Process safety compliance audits ensure that your equipment is functioning properly, avoiding potential hefty fees or court cases. 

OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(o) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.79. 

Ammonia Risk Management Program (ARM)
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Our team consists of talented professionals that can identify shortcomings that you could be fined for under the general duty clause. Ice Cold Consulting has worked with clients across the country and the Pacific Northwest to help you easily comply with GDC.


Simply put, we have learned what works and what does not. There is no doubt that our approach to meeting this standard is among the best in the industry according to our clients. Our procedures are easy to follow and produce results.


We understand that every sector has its own needs and that there is no one template that fits every industry perfectly. Throughout the process, we will work closely with your organization to determine which areas you are at most risk.

 OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(j) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.73 and IIAR 6 standards

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Operation Procedure
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Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s) require there be written procedures on all the operating phases of the process itself and the things that can affect the safe operation of that process. As there have been many citations due to SOP’s being written in a general format at the inception of your program site specifics are often left out. Our process will walk through these procedures to ensure adherence to the requirement, not just for fear of citation but for the safety of your operators.

Code of Federal Regulation OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(f) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.69 

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