Ice Cold Consulting

Shortly before Benny Phillips moved to Washington he met his partner in life, then in business Pothga. This relationship began after sharing common interests while working together at a project site near Seattle.

They started Ice Cold Consulting in October 2017. Benny comes with 25yrs. of experience in serving types of roles in industrial refrigeration and Pothga has experience in administration and compliance. Together they make a great team, focused on system efficiency, compliance, and overall safety!

Crane lifting on construction site

ICC Goal

Assist facilities and end-users of industrial refrigeration systems in meeting the needs of today's requirements. Between lowering energy consumption, auditing regulatory programs, and even review of Standard Operating/Mechanical Integrity procedures for accuracy and adherence to IIAR and OEM.

What we Offer

Ice Cold Consulting offers services in six areas;

  1. Mechanical Integrity Program Audits

  2. Compliance Program Audits

  3. Preventative Maintenance Program Audits

  4. Conservation and consumption Energy Audits

  5. Preventative Maintenance Compliance Program Audits

  6. Operation Procedure Program Audits

• Ensure regulatory compliance.
• Evaluate system operations and identify opportunities for improvement.
• Identify safety/mechanical integrity items for improvement.