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Compliance Audits

Program Compliance Audits

Process Safety Compliance Audits in the Pacific Northwest

Depend on Ice Cold Consulting with Your Audit Needs

While process safety compliance audits can be painful, they're necessary. The refrigeration industry has strict regulations and audits need to occur to ensure your equipment is hygienic, safe and running properly.

Our team has over 50 years of experience with beverage, food, and pharmaceutical companies. Let us provide you with refrigeration consulting services. 

What We Do

Compliance audits need to be conducted every three years. Although not a requirement, it's recommended to have a third-party consulting firm audit your equipment. Our team can perform the audit of refrigeration equipment as a third party or work in conjunction with your corporate auditing team. 

We'll review your compliance with the program elements to ensure it's up to the standards set by OSHA and the EPA.

Ammonia Refrigeration 

Ammonia regeneration systems use ammonia to absorb the heat from one area of your equipment, bringing it to another area to evaporate. Concentrated ammonia is a great choice for keeping things cool since it's much colder than room temperature.

Because ammonia is considered a hazardous chemical, OSHA and the EPA have specific requirements for it to ensure the safety of your equipment and those who come in contact with it. Accidental ammonia releases from refrigeration equipment have caused the deaths and injuries of employees as they come in contact with the vapor and liquid forms of ammonia. You need to take care to maintain and operate your systems to prevent ammonia releases. 


What Do Audits Do?

Audits aren't conducted without a purpose. They usually have three primary objectives:

1. Identifying any compliance weaknesses. 

2. Uncovering, remediating, and resolving and deficiencies.

3. Ensuring that all your procedures and policies continue to meet your internal measures of control.

Process safety compliance audits ensure that your equipment is functioning properly, avoiding potential hefty fees or court cases. 

Why Ice Cold Consulting


Our team has decades of experience and is committed to delivering safety to the refrigeration community.

Someone knowledgeable in the field must be part of the compliance audit process. Additionally, they need to compile a report of their findings for a proper process safety management program. Ice Cold Consulting's process of safety consulting includes creating documents that track the progress of the audits, any findings, and our recommendations. We ensure that your program meets the criteria laid out by OSHA and the EPA.

After our process safety compliance audit is completed, it's the responsibility of your business to determine your response to each item in our compliance audit. You'll need to document your responses, as well as a note when each item has been corrected or addressed. Keep the two most recent compliance audit reports on the premise of your business.

Contact Ice Cold Consulting Today 

If you're a food, beverage, or pharmaceutical company located in the Pacific Northwest, we can help. Ice Cold Consulting can serve as a third-party auditor to ensure your products are in process safety compliance. Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals. We can properly audit your equipment. We'll provide you with a clear roadmap to guarantee you're in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations. 

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