Conservation & Consumption Program Audit

Energy Conservation

With being the second-largest expense in a food processing or storage facility, small improvements can lead to big savings and huge impacts on your bottom line. There are many avenues today for great ROI on large projects and even in “low hanging fruit” projects. Our team will employ every measure to audit your operations, electrical rate schedule, and even your day to day operations of “on-peak” and “off-peak” availabilities. These items are just a few of the opportunities available to cut the massive expense of energy and utility costs. 

Has your company installed energy saving devices that may have not been proved out or monitored and adjusted to gain the most benefit of the equipment? We have helped many clients correct these items and even realize there were still dollars left to gain. With the massive influx of companies seeking rebate monies, the time spent to ensure maximum efficiencies are not included in the original install of the costs saving/ energy-saving equipment. Our team, with the assistance of your operators and management, can verify that total savings are being accomplished. 

For new projects and start-ups of installations, we will work with your design/build contractor to help identify where energy efficiencies are available. Along with the verification of proper operations, there are several PSM/RMP items to be covered as a start-up is happening. Not all companies afford the manpower to assist in this operation from the standpoint of someone in your corner, watching out for your best interests.

Let us be your “power” partner!