Mechanical Integrity Audits

Mechanical Integrity Program Audits

We will review your MI program to make sure it is up to the government's Code of Federal Regulations (OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(j) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.73 and IIAR 6 standards.


Mechanical integrity is the element concerned with keeping the equipment in proper working order. Maintenance, inspections, testing, and documentation showing completion are required and they are based on the manufacturers recommendations and commonly accepted industry practices RAGAGEP (Regularly And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices or Principals). 


We will make sure your program meets the criteria of OSHA and the EPA. Along with ensuring your procedures meet OEM and RAGAGEP requirements. As the requirement can not be filled with just a program, procedures outlining the “How to” are also part of the requirement.