Operating Procedures Review and Audits

Operating Procedure Program Audit

We will review your Operating Procedure Program to make sure it is up to the government's Code of Federal Regulation OSHA’s CFR 1910.119(f) and the EPA’s RMP 40 CFR 68.69. 

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s) require there be written procedures on all the operating phases of the process itself and the things that can affect the safe operation of that process. As there have been many citations due to SOP’s being written in a general format at the inception of your program site specifics are often left out. Our process will walk through these procedures to ensure adherence to the requirement, not just for fear of citation but for the safety of your operators.

Some places have just a few pieces of equipment to keep up with others, while others have several. We will audit your system to make sure operating procedures are up-to-date. We have found instances where part of a procedure changes due to the removal of PRV’s, but the written update was missed, that is a citation. Maybe you have added new equipment or taken equipment out or even just changed the manufacturer, all these items trigger easy citations for a compliance officer visit.